My Poems

1. My Beloved Prostitute


Beloved of mine is so kind
Kindness everyone can find
She loves all who make a call
Players can think her like a boll


My beloved is not only mine
I think her character very fine
She loves me along with all
Follows she anyone’s call


My father loves her like me
Her area is vast like a sea
Whoever loves pays fee
Simply as in a shop of tea


“Knowledge” is her real name
Through education she gets fame
Human without it becomes lame
Lives with a inner shame




[Storm as Death and Boat as world where death is inevitable and everyone has to die one day getting no compassion from anywhere]


To and fro is with the Boat
Cried of passengers give us note
Death of our stretches His Hands
Blowing upon us different stormy-fans


Beg we mercy of heavenly Mind
But get only storm’s kind
Cruel kind takes one by one
Saying us it must happen


Then our mind started pondering
We should live keeping mourning
We are born because to die
It is nothing, but a universal tie.




[The speaker being on bed thinks about the beloved and when she comes he forgets his own whereabouts]


Wandering I was being on bed
Echoing the sounds in mind like a mad
Being alone talk with her
Sitting as in broken-shelter


Thinking i was of her coming
Listened the sounds of stepping
Stepper was a small boy
Opened his mouth for giving me a joy


“Your heart is coming to you
Crying inwardly says her view
Her gown was flapping high
Quenching for your inwardly shy


My heart started beating
Falling like water of raining
Then I saw a beautiful sight
Made me forget that I would write.




life is full of both happiness and sorrow and one has to face life being powerful


Life moves as time runs
Play it as rhyme hums
Tune can be sorrowful
Learn it knowing a rule


Life flows like the river
Crossing all happy and tear
Look happy in all of them
It is life’s pure game


Life is wife enjoy yourself
Pile it as scattered loaf
Pollute it not pouring tough
Bear all fair and rough


Life moves as time runs
Play it as rhyme hums
Tune can be sorrowful
Learn it knowing a rule.







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